Freelancing is not for you! 5 Reasons why.

Freelancing isnt for you

What I mean is, that it’s not for everybody. I have written a few articles now and I’ve been trying so hard to produce a good one with a catchy title. Clickbait of course! Before you assume anything, let me share my thoughts first. I’m not discouraging anyone from freelancing. I just want to let you know that in my perspective freelancing isn’t for you.

Not For You


I’ve written a few articles related to freelancing and it didn’t help everyone who has read it. It’s not supposed to give you all you need but to be a warning or a guide of what should everyone or at least the majority do. For the past few months, I was convinced that freelancing is not for everyone. Especially not for people who don’t have courage, persistence, skills, good attitude and those people who don’t follow instructions.

These traits are REQUIRED, yes it is required if want to excel in this industry.

Let me explain each one of them.

1. Courage!

I’m sure that I wrote something in the past that courage is very important. Without courage, you will end up quitting. Hardship is given, the pressure is given, even the fact that you need to endure a few months or few years of being broke. You need the courage to face it all. And I’m sure that with persistence, your hard work will pay off.

2. Persistence!

Persistence is needed in the equation. I didn’t start with good compensation, nor as TOP RATED, nor even with good peripherals. I started with nothing, but courage, persistence, and a few limited skills. You need to work your ass off and think smart!

3. Skills!

If you think you don’t need any skill to become a good freelancer, It is a BIG NO! Yes, skills can be learned but when will you start learning? You need a good skill set to get a high-paying salary. But what skill can you learn? It is one google away to do that.
Here are a few examples:

4. Good Attitude!

It is important too. I always hire people based on attitude and not skill. Because I believe in the saying that “hire for attitude, train for skills”. It’s one of the keys to building a good culture and building a rapport with the people around you or even some of the clients.

5. Following instructions is very critical.

It includes comprehension skills. If you don’t follow instructions, an employer will think that you lack comprehension skills or worst you lack of good attitude. Let me share my recent experience with aspiring freelancers. There are times that I post a job opening online. I will give full instructions on how they could qualify and apply. Submit a portfolio, blah blah blah. But still the majority of people who would try still ask of things they need to do or even send you incomplete requirements. I hate when people do this. It’s becoming a norm among Filipino people and I’m not proud of it. Like when someone is selling things online included with the item price but people would still ask or comment “HM” or how much? See, it always made me cringe. So make sure to read the instructions and follow them.

Freelancing is not for you, right?

You should have these traits to at least stand out. Wearing a red cap in a room full of people wearing a red cap will not make you stand out. Therefore, freelancing is not for you. But it’s up to you if want to prove me wrong.

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