How Creative Bananas started

Team Creative Bananas

Let me take you on a ride, when we pass thru these tunnels, you’ll learn about how “Creative Bananas” started.

Team Creative Bananas

First tunnel: Prologue

Year 2012, I started working as a junior designer in a small company, few months after working with them, someone inspired me to try Freelancing. Not only it will be working by the comfort of my home, but the salary will be much higher. So, I began my journey in this freelancing industry.

Tunnel 2: Elron Designs

After a couple of months, I landed a full-time project that stabilized my income. I decided to build a portfolio called “Elron Designs”. At the same time, I tried to reach out to a few people and taught them the fun and perks of freelancing industry. This is when I met “Alexis”.

Alexis Bigcas - Creative Bananas' Lead Designer


Alexis, Creative Bananas’ Lead Designer. He’s a shy type of person, he’s my art buddy since high school, every time there are art projects, both of us were in demand. We even got exempted in a few lessons because we are tasked and always invited to do props specially if there are events.

Tunnel 3: Creative Bananas’ beginning

Year 2014, the idea of leading a team perks me up, so from “Elron Designs”, I rebranded to “Creative Bananas”. We considered a lot of names; this was Alexis’ idea. Not sure how he came up with it but the moment he suggested that, I became very fond of it. Our logo hasn’t changed since then, I did that logo around 15-20 minutes while trying to give an idea how to render a good logo.

Tunnel 4: Too early to fail

I haven’t been able to manage my team, I got too distracted with other things, eventually, the team dissolved. Year after year and I haven’t been able to bring back the same passion and hunger I had before I had my team. I tried, but I kept failing, I failed couple of times. But I never stopped, I kept pushing. The thought of my Dream Team kept me going.

Tunnel 5: Just one more student

Year 2017, I met someone, my wife. Had it not been for her, I wouldn’t be saved from the miseries I am drowning from. She brought back the fire I had and inspired me to do well. Just the same year I was invited to do a small talk on one of the infamous college university. This made me think, I just needed one more student. One that would be willing to learn, one student just like Alexis that I will teach the same way I taught him. Then I met Nicko.

Nicko Kasan - Creative Bananas' Web & Graphic Designer

Nicko, one of Creative Bananas’ Web and Graphic Designer, I met him in that talk, he’s a huge pain in the ass, he always derails on my method but he’s a great designer too. He makes me mad most of the time but just like what he said maybe he learns differently. So, I trusted him, I am monitoring him and he’s still in progress but he’s a great asset in the team.

Tunnel 6: Revival of Creative Bananas

This is the climax of this story, year 2019, I reached out to Alexis. Asking if he wants to rejoin the team, luckily, he’s searching for a gig, so he accepted my offer. This time the three of us started working together, they stay at my place during nighttime and work. I had the same feeling before; I believe that I could expand this team. But I know I needed someone like a partner to work with me.

Tunnel 7: I found a Partner

I met with few people trying to propose a partnership, discussed how I envisioned teaming up, but I got nothing. Their terms won’t fit mine. But then a high school friend reached out to me and proposed an investment to my team, Calvin.

alt="Calvin Parreno - Creative Bananas' Co-Founder"

Calvin, he’s Creative Bananas’ co-founder, he’s more like an advisor, even before we teamed up. I always talk to him about my problems and we tend to play a lot of games. If you see us both at the same time, we trash talk to each other because we’re that comfortable with each other.

Tunnel 8: Creative Bananas’ pioneers

After the partnership with Calvin, we decided to hire and train a few people specially our old high school classmates. There’s Tosh who DMed me about my Facebook post when I called for someone willing to learn. Jermaine, another Highschool friend who I’ve been talking for some time already about working with me.

alt="Jermaine Lorenzo - Creative Bananas' Lead Developer"

Jermaine, Creative Bananas’ Lead Developer, he is one of my best friends, I see the same goal I have in him, he’s one of the people I want to run the future teams of our company. We are alike in most skills; he can design and dev at the same time.

Tosh Pascual

Tosh, Creative Bananas’ Developer, one of the most stubborn friends I have, I’ve been urging him to study for a long time, but he didn’t do it. He’s the closest to a brother that I have on the team. We spent a lot of time together because he used to hang out by my place most of the time even before he joined the team. I know that he’s having a hard time to cope with the way of my teaching, I really hate micromanagement, I’ll supply the available tools and modules but you have to study and learn it on your own, but I know he managed to overcome that.

Tunnel 9: A few more players

It was ecstatic, I am now working with four of my closest friends, Alexis, Tosh, Calvin, and Jermaine. We hang out even before we became colleagues. We all started with nothing but a dream, now we’ve gathered a few more people to the team.

Kurt Malasarte

Kurt Malasarte – Marketing Assistant, one of the most silent people but he excels on what he does, he always has his input and he manages all our accounts, He’s not just a Marketing assistant, more like an all-around assistant.

James Monsarvas

James Monsarvas – Developer, he’s a brother in faith, he’s a good developer and he’s focused on his craft. He keeps improving and he’s a great asset in the team.

MJ Lorque

Mark Lorque – Junior Designer, He started as an intern in CB, he was employed that time to a different company while studying dev inside CB, what I like about him is his dedication, even though he had an 8 hours commitment to his company, he managed to come on our office with our schedule.

Francis Pegenia

Francis Pegenia – Developer, he’s a new player in my team, he’s James’ cousin and I like that he’s ambitious, and how he foresees his future.

And few regular outsourced – Kennedy, Mark Journrey, Leed, and more.

Last Tunnel: 1 year of Creative Bananas

  1. We gathered 70+ Clients.
  2. Aced in our marketplace.
  3. Gained 4 TOP RATED accounts on UpWork.
  4. Earned beyond our expectations.
  5. Rewarded ourselves.
  6. And a lot moreeeee!

Yes, it started only as a dream, but we managed to help a few more people by improving their skills, we built a positive attitude, gave more flexible time, earned better, and shared the same dream and hope. As I always say “We Gain by Giving”

Now that it’s our anniversary, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude primarily to God for giving us the strength to continue. I also thank our family that believes in us. And to our friends that support us.

Kung may “Team Payaman”, kami ang “Team Lakatan”.

And this is just the beginning..

Worthless Servant,
Elron Naranja

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