Top 10 Professional Fonts for Your Websites

Top 10 Professional Fonts for Your Websites Cover

When it comes to having a professional website, it is proper for you not to check only the colors and the images, you should also consider the font selection. Using the right font will go a long way toward improving your brand perception. Fonts should naturally be one of the main goals of the website design process instead of being an afterthought. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Fonts for your websites.

Top 10 Fonts for your websites

Importance of Fonts for your Websites

Different kinds of fonts will pass across different messages and values; hence you can use this to your advantage by choosing the type of fonts that will adequately represent your brand and the message you are trying to pass across.

Choosing a fonts for your websites has a lot of details to it; you will have to ensure that they are readable and user friendly; you should also check that they are safe for web display. This means that you should check every other browser and see how your website will appear when they are opened.

Before we continue, let’s clarify some terminology


This is the general family of fonts, and it is used to describe highly recognizable fonts such as Times New Roman and Helvetica, and several others.


This is a variation within a font; it includes light, bold, italics, condensed, and several others.

Fonts for your Websites - Font & Fontface


This is referred to as the little feet some letters usually have at the end of their lines. Helvetica is seen as a sans serif typeface, and it means it does not have these small letters, while Times New Roman is a serif typeface; it means it has these flourishes.

Fonts for your Website - Serif or Sans Serif

You should consider all these steps, even if you are creating a website for just blogging. Checking out fonts is something you should not omit or take for granted.

Here are some tips for picking the right fonts for your websites

Since you have decided you want to make a website, choosing fonts is the next big thing you will have to do. Fonts do not just appear for aesthetic or any other reason; rather, they help to communicate your brand. It says a lot about you, and it influences the perception you get from people.

A perfect font will drive your message home while the wrong font will give your website the wrong impression, and this can distract your credibility.

1. Assess the characteristics that fit your brand

Consider these set of questions first; what qualities do you want your brand to represent? What’s the brand personality you want to portray? Is your website about fun or something quite serious? What exactly do you stand for and what do you want to communicate to others who come around.
You should also think about your target market and assess the best way they communicate. Answering these questions will help you know how to identify your brand.

2. Ensure your font style falls in line with your brand character

The next thing for you to do is to pick a font that will match the responses you gave in the step above. Every font comes with a unique personality and character; hence you should be very thoughtful about how you select your font. Some fonts can be quite elegant and refined, while others can pass across as something playful and whimsical. Some fonts are also formal and traditional.

3. Let the fonts you have chosen be readable

This is one of the important things to consider when choosing your fonts. You could have a font you love so well, but it won’t be able to pass your message across to your readers. To check if a font is readable, try typing a capital letter I, then a lowercase I and the number 1 together to see the difference. If you can’t read the difference, then you will have to change the font.

4. Go for simplicity

Using sophisticated fonts for your websites is not always the case. Many times, it is better you go for fonts that can be as clear as a letter written out. Simplicity is the mother of all understanding, except your website is themed on art and calligraphic writing, you should not bother about artistically designed fonts.

Having good typography is very important in building a strong brand identity, and this will give a favorable first impression. But the fact that there are lots of fonts out there, it is quite challenging to come up with the best one. If you follow these steps, you should be able to deliver your message clearly to your readers and create the best impression you have for them.

Having talked about how to choose these fonts for your websites, it is time to check the best fonts you can find in 2020 that will be best for your website.

Here is a list of Top 10 Professional Fonts for Your Websites

Playfair Display

Playfair Display

This font is elegant, and it comes in handy when your website is targeting the young and modern population. Although it has a feminine quality, it is the right choice of font for a website that targets female demographics. It is used on a lighter weight on subheadings because it is unique and aesthetically beautiful. An excellent example of a website that uses it is The Sunday Bite; it grabs the attention of those who view it.



This font has a sense of futuristic feel; it comes with a sci-fi quality, and this makes it one right choice for science and tech blogs and startups. Dosis also pair very well with Exo and Lato fonts, and these fonts also have some quirky feeling. If you pair this font with a vibrant color such as purple, it will be a perfect choice for your tech company to stand out.

Fonts for your Websites - Merriweather


This font was created for screens, and it is quite readable even when in smaller sizes. Merriweather comes with a sophisticated feel, whether it is in regular, bold, or italic, and it is perfect for brands that take their branding seriously. It can be used to get something simple, yet maintain the style and class it belongs to.



This font is one of the most famous fonts in the whole internet world. And because of its versatile nature, it has more than 100 variations. It is one of the oldest because it has been created in 1957. Even if it is quite a classic font, the popularity it has comes from the modern and universal appeal that it comes with.



Monserrat is the font we used on our website. This font can be used very quickly on any website, and it doesn’t matter anywhere on the website; whether it is the header or as a smaller text. The Montserrat font has a youthful feel, and it is a perfect choice for the millennial demographics. This is the reason why a lot of creative and digital websites which target the younger population would use it. This font provides a bold feel and would sustain a youthful vibe for your brand.

Open Sans

Open Sans

Described as neutral and minimalistic, it is quite very readable. It is safe and one of the most popular options for different websites. It works better for a business that provides quality control and pulls a lot of reliability from its feel.



Mostly seen on corporate websites; it works perfectly for brands that fall within the landscape. It has professional quality, and it is quite warm and inviting. This font will be the perfect one for your modern and friendly website.

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue font works for headers that are set to seek attention. Just like the Dosis, it has some futuristic feel, and it is entirely complementary to tech brands. This font pairs well with other fonts like the Montserrat, Playfair, and the Lato. This font will take your website to the next level, especially when you combine it with a neon green with a plain black background.

Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans is inspired by fonts that have trended in the 1930s, it is a geometric font with quite an elegant and vintage feel. It appeals to this set of brands because of the air of sophistication it has. From the thin to the bold, this font covers the whole spectrum of font weights. Although it has some feminine touch, it can apply very well to a website that deals with beauty wear for unisex.



Poppins is one of “Team Creative Bananas” favorite fonts. We used it often on our design projects. It’s one of the modern and slickest fonts that are available. It is based on pure geometry, particularly circles.

Still can’t decide which font to use? Let us do the job for you!

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