Who is my First Love?

My First love

Here I am again, staring at the ceiling, waiting for ideas to come up. So it’s been months since I wrote my last blog. I have a thought that this domain and server would be a waste if I don’t use it. I’ll give it a shot this time and tell you something about my first love.

Life has been hard for me lately. It was the hardest pace of my life, so far. I had to give up my relationship as it is not working well. I remembered, one of the arguments that we had was about me, wanting to buy a new graphical tablet but it turned out to a bad conversation.

“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness. That is LOVE” #HUGOT

Before that day, I’ve been seeing a lot of artworks by some of my online friends. I was envious of them not because they are great on what they are doing but because they have a lot of time to do things for themselves.


I’m not great or badass with this kind of shits but what I can say is I was born in love with art. Last night my sister emailed me this photo of her certificate being awarded as the “Best in Art” of the class. Since grade school, I was known as the art man of the class. I remembered myself trying to ask my art teacher to grant us the privilege to paint the corridors of the school, just to avoid classes. Some projects took a week so instead of attending other classes I was painting on school walls. Being good in art is a great advantage when it comes to women. When there are assignments or projects that is related to art, they will definitely look for you. I‘m truly happy and grateful for this God-given gift.

Last June 1st, I turned 23. Life is damn fast, it seems like I was just 16 the day before. Life now is becoming more serious and having this kind of realization that living the life we want is not free. We need to work harder just to pay rent, electricity, internet and all these monthly-mandatory-bills. That’s why I don’t have a lot of free time to work on personal artworks. Balancing stuff is harder than before. Are you familiar with this line? “I’ve forgotten how to make art for myself. Right now I’m all about designs for the boss, the client, for the deadline.” This was from movie “That thing called tadhana”. This line hit me straight on the heart. There are no better job than working on something that you really love.

Somehow, I’ve been doing some personal artwork lately. Here are some:











Justice League



I believe that…

“Kung gusto maraming paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan.” Translation “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

If I can only choose the projects I can work with, I’d love to work more on designs rather than development. So to my dearest clients, please give me more tasks in relation to designs rather than development. It’s not that I hate the job that I have, I just simply love ART.

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