What You Will Get?

Pixel Perfect

Pixel-Perfect Development

Experience a great design being bastardized by poor development? We know how precious your designs are, so we also make sure that every bit of it is developed the way you want it. From planning up to execution, our developers will always aim to develop it in the most pixel-perfect way possible.

Responsive Web Development


Your website should look great and smooth on any platform. Whether it's mobile, tablet or desktop. At Creative Bananas, you’ll never have to worry about your website looking great on one device and awful on the other. We’ll also inform you how it would look on different devices, so you’ll never be surprised. We like involving you in every step of the development.

Speed & SEO Optimized

They say speed is king, and we agree! One of Google's ranking factors in checking a website is its site speed so we know how vital it is. You also don’t want to dry down the excitement of your potential customers as they navigate your website, just because it loads like a turtle. We’ll check your site speed on different platforms and optimize it as best as possible. We’ll also make sure that your website is something that search engines would love. This means proper tags are in place, images are optimized, and your website adheres to search engine guidelines

Clean Code

Clean Code

As much as we love developing a pixel-perfect web design, we don’t neglect maintainability. That means codes are organized neatly, structures are placed properly, and notes are in place.

 This helps you, us, and other developers to read the website code in case we need to add more content or functionality in the future.

Custom Service enhanced

Why Choose Creative Bananas

There are a lot of web developers out there, but what sets Creative Bananas apart is our adaptability to different situations, and our eagerness to involve you every step of the process.

We know that every website has its own needs, and as such, we’re here to help you create a tailored solution that’s unique to your website.

As top web developers in the Philippines, and also aim to be the best in the world, you’ll be confident enough that your website will be developed in the most efficient and timely manner. We’ll ensure that your website is something you could be proud of!

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