UpWork Made me a Millionaire. I’ll teach you how!

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I believe everyone who reads my blog knows UpWork already. But for those who didn’t, let me tell you a little bit about UpWork. UpWork is a freelancing site where you can sign up as a contractor who looks for a job or as a client who posts a job and looks for an agency or contractor. In this blog, I will share my journey on how UpWork Made me a Millionaire.

Since I was a kid, art is my passion. It’s my scapegoat for things that I’m not good at. Everything about art excites me. Growing up, I became interested in Digital Design and attended college taking up B.S. Information Technology. Unfortunately, I stopped studying due to financial issues, and to help my family, I sold pancakes on the street.

Despite everything, I still believed that all the hard work would pay off.

When the opportunity knocked on my door, I grabbed it instantly. That was before I started freelancing in 2012, I was employed in my first ever job at Gleent Inc., a Software Company located nearby our residence. I worked for them as a part-time graphic designer with a 25PHP or 0.55USD rate per hour. It was one of the toughest parts of my life. My skills weren’t broad enough but I used this opportunity as a stepping stone to my career. I was very eager to learn at that time, to learn everything I could.

I learned about oDesk/UpWork.

One day, there was a gathering where I had a conversation with a friend who is a developer. Let’s call him Jerome. We talked about our line of work and what intrigued me was there were other guys that were mocking him with his highly-rated job. He is working in oDesk, I didn’t even know then what oDesk was. Surprisingly, his rate is far from my ideal rate. I was really envious of him because I knew I have more skills than him and yet my weekly earnings is just a couple of hours for him.

During those times, I aimed for having a laptop so I could try freelancing after my day job, but I couldn’t afford a good one. It costs $900 here in the Philippines. So I borrowed money from Jerome. He lent me $220 after working with him for a few days. Then got a client who gave me a bonus of $100 together with my personal savings. I was able to gather a few bucks but it’s still not enough for the Laptop that I’m planning to buy. So what I did is I ride on my other friend’s credit card covering the balance which I paid in installments for a year.

I felt such extreme happiness when I bought that laptop.

I registered on oDesk and looked for a small job. Starting without a profile is indeed like a baby learning to walk. It was really hard that time, I even applied for a logo designing project for just $10. It was also hard-working on a day job and freelancing at night. I made up my mind and resigned from my day job. Without any assurance, I took a leap of faith and started my freelance career full-time.

Freelancing ain’t easy at all BUT… UpWork Made me a Millionaire!

It wasn’t easy as others thought about freelancing. I suffered financially that I could only eat once a day for 3 consecutive months. I was thinking of quitting but knowing that someone else has done it, I could surely do it too.

After several months of sleepless nights & empty stomach, My career started to bear fruit. Creating my online portfolio and investing time in it, helped a lot. It made it easier for me to get a job as I’m using it to invite and engage with clients. In the first year of freelancing, I earned my first Million.

Now that I delivered the utmost services to my clients. I was able to buy things that I need in my career as an investment.

I bought a house & cars and even gave my wife a decent wedding. We traveled to our country’s wonderful Provinces. And most of all, I am able to start a Design Agency and grow my own BRAND!

UpWork made me a Millionaire Cars House a Happy Wife


Fruit of Labor – Cars, House & a Happy Wife.

UpWork made me a Millionaire Creative Bananas

Creative Bananas Agency

So, do you consider me a Millionaire? Let’s not settle for that yet.

But what I can assure you is I earned $200K + since I started in UpWork in 2012. You can check my UpWork account here.

Do you want to earn that too? I’ll be happy to help!

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