Elron Naranja

Co-founder, Design & Tech Executive

Since the debut of Creative Bananas in 2015, Elron continuously pushes the boundaries in the digital creative world. The design agency’s growth is still at its peak, expanding its manpower, roster of clients, and revenue. He handles the design and tech vertical of the company and he works closely with CB’s Co-founder and Marketing Executive, Calvin Parreño

Elron started his journey in a software company in Cabuyao, Laguna. As an aspiring artist, he went on to be a multimedia nomad, taking freelance projects online and off-shore. These experiences fueled him to invest in his passion, giving birth to his very own work-baby, the Creative Bananas. Like any other creative artist, he was inspired by notable people to go forth and make their dreams into reality: the likes of Emmy Award Winning Designer, Chris Do who inspired him to thoroughly layout strategies that work, and the Toronto-based Multimedia Artist, Peter McKinnon, whom he was empowered to redefine his creative style. Elron’s exemplary work was put in the limelight when he was invited to talk about the Upskilling in Freelancing During the Pandemic at Northern Bukidnon State College and at Citi Global College where he shared tips and tricks about web design and freelancing. Elron is a wanderlust, he loves to travel and discover different places—which has given him the idea to encourage his team to always work hard and have fun.

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