Abraham Kasan

Web & Graphic Designer

Abraham “Nicko” Kasan joined Creative Bananas in 2018. He creates web and print designs that are truly above and beyond. Nicko also works as a project manager, handling client-specific briefs and queries for Creative Bananas. He works closely with Design Lead Alexis Bigcas and other Creative Banana artists, Mark Joseph Lorque and Jeremy Centeno Aquino. Nicko reports directly to CB’s Co-Founder, Design, and Tech Executive, Elron Naranja.

Nicko’s design style is heavenly inspired by video creator, photoshop master, and founder of PiXimperfect, Unmesh Dinda. He is very fond of sports activities like basketball, table tennis, dance, and even played Arnis back in college. Nicko continuously pushes the boundaries of the digital world through his works and expands the knowledge that will help him produce more top-tier results.

He was born in the vast plains and rolling terrain of Cotabato City. Nicko studied at Citi Global College (former Don Bosco Institute of Arts and Sciences) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

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