Sooke Bistro is a canadian based restaurant. They are serving local & asian food like sushi, stir fry, fish chips, salad, desserts and more! Creative Bananas helped them to develop their brand by designing their logo and the restaurant menus


Sooke Bisto was about to launch but they don’t have an identity yet. They have an idea in mind but they need it done digitally. Another problem they have is the menu for their customers.


Therefore, Creative Bananas helped them developed the logo they need, we turned their ideas real. We also helped them design a menu that will suit the logo design that we did!

Logo Design
Print & Label

Logo and Restaurant Menu

Jeffrey Guevara, consultant of Sooke Bistro is a close friend of Elron Naranja, co-founder of Creative Bananas. Jeffrey introduced the idea to us, brainstormed, rendered a few variations, picked a design they like, several revisions, and after that, we delivered a successful logo for Sooke Bistro!

Combining Japanese Taste & Western Style for Sooke Bistro.

Since Restaurant is located in the west and they are serving Asian food, we mixed the “Asian Taste” with the “West Coast Style” and integrated it into both the Logo and Menu.

We Started With Few Sketches

We brainstorm about concepts

Yes, We still draw concepts on an actual piece of paper. It helps us develop a unique style of logos. It also helps the process when we present quick sketches rather than burning our time rendering it straight on a computer.

Digital Logo For Modern Business

We turn everything digital

After the client picks the right path for the logo, we proceed on designing on a digital canvas. Then we picked a combinations of cool and warm colors since they also serve warm and cold food and beverages.

Then Some Client’s Feedback

We love honest & constructive feedback!

Client’s feedback helps the process. Being transparent on the Pros and Cons of the designing a logo helps them to understand the process. We did some variations to choose from and we also did several revisions until the client was satisfied.

Sooke Bistro’s Menu

It’s not always about the Logo.

Finally, after several revisions, we finalized the logo and delivered it. After that, we also incorporated the same style in their menu to match the brand style.

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Creative Agency from the Philippines that has an eye for details. Creative Bananas make your vision a statement – help your goal to be a reality Easy to work with, young but mature peeps, highly responsive. Kudos to Elron’s team!
Jeffrey Marquez