Archive 101 is a collection of our old projects (Website, Apps, Brand & Graphics) from Creative Bananas. Projects that we did from 2012 to 2017. Some are client works and some are personal projects. Also, some projects were lost on the old server but we did our best to recover our top work.


Since Elron started in Freelancing, working independently, his knowledge is extremely constrained. So, he developed a portfolio even without a market advertisement. Most of the client did not permit to showcase projects as it has NDA. Also, he was hired as a subcontractor therefore he cannot showcase projects because it is company’s property. When you have nothing to show, how will a client trust you?


He buckled down and created several of personal projects like web template, brand, & infographic. Then use those as a portfolio items. He collaborated with creative minds and while he learned SEO and Facebook Marketing to gain a few traffic on the website. Now, Creative Bananas is getting a little traffic. But we are still eager to have more leads that will help us to sustain the team.

Creative Projects
Responsive Design
UI & UX Design

Website Design & Development

WordPress, WooCommerce, DIVI, HTM5/CSS3

These are just 10% or my aggregate Design & Development works.  Since I work more on long-term projects, I don’t have enough time to make projects for myself.


Unique Logo that leaves a Remarkable Impression

I can be more impressive when working than showcasing my crafts. As I stated, a greater amount of projects that were done were not on the intention for me to claim. But these are a few examples of a logo that I did for a client and for my personal projects.


Archive 101 isn’t all about client works

When there is spare time to burn, I do some illustrations like these. It indeed, helps me relax and keeps me creative.


Aside from everything, I paint

This is my frustration. I wanted to be better, but, adult life gives us less time to do our diversions. Even we procrastinate at work sometimes, I still find a way to make myself paint, sometimes.

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