How to make your website stand out in 2020?

Website Stand Out 2020

First of all, every business needs a website at this present time. You need it as a 24/7 office for your customers and as a ready platform for anyone that needs to know about your business. Web designing is important, as you have to make one that is user-friendly and attracts customers. In this article, we look at the importance of web designing in making your website stand out and some ideas you can use.

Good Web Design

This blog will feature the topics:

  1. Reasons You need a good web design
  2. Web Design Tips to make your website stand out
  3. Website inspiration for web designs

Here are some of the reasons you need a good web design

1. It gives the first impression

Your audience gets the first impression of your business when they visit your website. It gives them an idea about your business within moments and they decide if it is positive or negative.

If your web design is looking poor and not user-friendly, this will certainly get a negative impression about your business, immediately. They might even stall on going further and back out. This will lead to more conversions for your competitor with a better design.

Furthermore, your web design is the first step in how your audience sees your brand. Good web design will make them stay on your page, but a bad one will probably lead them to your competitor, and it will be bad for business.

2. It solidifies your audience’s trust in you

Most people would likely not trust a website due to poor design. It has a huge impact on how they see the business and if it is up to date on current ways of doing things. It might even give them a shady feel about your business.

A well-designed website will help build the trust the audience has for you. Even more, they see that you care about your business and will want to do business with you.

You need to design your website in a way the audience will surely want to stay and check it out. If a potential customer visits your website, the longer they stay, the likelier it is for them to do business with you.

3. It will certainly boost the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Strategy

Every action and practice on websites is about giving the website higher visibility. The higher the visibility, the higher the number of potential customers. You have to appear at the top of search engine results.

This is why SEO is a big deal and you must get it right from the scratch. While content plays a major role in this, web design is also of huge importance at this visibility level. Your web design code must be SEO-friendly, and for you to do this, you must understand how web designing works.

This is why most of the time people and businesses use the services of professionals in order to achieve the best web design for their brand.

4. It gives a sneak into how well your customer service is

Your audience can make a conclusion about how you will treat them, by looking at your web design. There is the line of thought that if you can put a lot of effort into your web design, probably you will care about how you treat your customers. Therefore, it gives them a view of how well they will receive your treatment.

Your website is your first point of contact with your customer, and they need to feel welcomed. If your website design is vibrant and good looking, your potential customers will certainly feel at home. It gives a friendly vibe and shows that you are ready to do business.

Yet, if your website design looks old and unwelcoming, your audience will surely want to stay as they don’t feel they are a priority.

5. You need to show your competitor what you got

You need to match up and beat your competitors if you want to attract more customers. Your competitors are already having good web design to attract your customers, so you cannot afford to slack.

You need to have a better-designed website than your competitor. If your web design is not up to date on the new ways and looks old,  most probably your competitor’s website will rank higher. A well-designed website will surely outrank a poorly designed one.

This means you will lose your audience to your competitor, therefore they get more conversions than you eventually.

Usually, you offer about the same range of pricing and services as your competitors, which is why you need to look for ways to make your website stand out. Having a good web design will make you stand out in many ways. It shows your audience why they should choose your business rather than your competitor’s.

6. It helps to show consistency

Furthermore, when you are looking for customers for business, you need to take your branding seriously. This is what tells your potential customer about your business. You need to get your business in the face of the audience, so they choose you when they are ready to do business. Web design helps you to create consistency across your page.

You need to show consistency across the design on each page on your website. Having a different design on different pages probably will give your website an unprofessional look. Also, it helps your audience associate and defines your design style, which means they will likely memorize who you are based on your brand.

If you don’t show consistency on your website, the audience will probably move your competitors. A web design with consistency in mind will certainly make your customer stay on your page for a long and this helps you make an impression. You will get more conversions with a consistent website design.

Now that you know the importance of a good web design for your website, let’s take a look at some of the tips to make your website stand out apart from your competitors.

Here are some web design tips to help your website stand out.

Here are some web design tips to help your website stand out.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is a strategy that has worked well overtime when it comes to web designing. It remains one of the top methods to build an impressive web design experience.

A good example of this can be found on Audible’s about page. It is a perfect way of how a brand should tell its story via visual design. Furthermore, it has everything it needs, from an organized graphical order of headlines to content that helps to guide the reader’s journey, a special copy that defines the establishment’s roots, and an excellent pictorial depiction of the brand’s image.

2. Retro Style

Retro styles have been one of the biggest trends lately. This might be due to nostalgia, or people are not feeling the usual design styles that have been replicated all around the web. Whatever reason it is, brands can now take an old-fashioned approach to design their website. This might come in different forms such as retro-inspired logos, typography, and vintage photos, and you could also apply the design throughout your website. Take note, this unusual approach might not work for all brands, while for the creative ones, it is a sort of bold and unique style.

3. Full-Screen Video

Many websites deploy video content lately, and there have been more brands that have taken it a level higher with large, full-screen videos on their home page and landing pages. The reason for that is video content is one of the best tools in the visual web design collection, there are claims that the right landing page video can boost conversion rates by 80%.

However, you have to carefully choose the video to use. You have to think about issues like, will the video auto-play or click-to-play? Where will the video call to action (CTA) be placed? What’s the ideal video duration to keep users on-site without overstaying your welcome? Furthermore, thinking about all these, you will realize that making the video is only the first step, there is still a process of testing, refinement, and optimization which comes after.

4. Maximalism

Maximalism in web design is the opposite of minimalism; it’s a style that throws simplicity out the window and pushes bright, contrasting colors, jarring layouts, and in-your-face imagery. The style is aggressive, and it works best for fresh, and hippy brands that do not shy away from making bold statements. Maximalism is already in play, but it is likely expected to gain more popularity in the coming years as more brands sway away from minimalism and get more creative with their choice of design.

5. Outlandish Typography

It could probably be considered a branch of maximalism, but it is an upcoming trend that stands alone. Brands are abandoning the small and exalted and moving on with bold typography, bizarre themes, and giant text blocks that crunch the paint-by-numbers limits that a lot of websites fall into.

6. Monochromatic Design

Using color experimentation is a great way to help your website stand out. Especially for blunt color systems, like the monochromatic designs that use only one color on the page.

Monochromatic design helps readers or your customers focus on your content. It also helps you establish your brand more and make the most of it. Lastly, it reduces your stress to worry about colors to choose from and makes it simple. Hey, who doesn’t love simplicity?

Now that you know how important it is to make your website stand out and how web design helps you about it, let’s check some websites we recommend for you to check. Some of them are websites we have made:

Website inspiration for web designs.

1. Image and State

Image and State

This website employs the monochromatic approach on their website. The design helps the users to navigate the website with a more friendly and clear approach.

2. Anita Gelato


Anita Gelato takes the retro approach on their website. It reminds you of your early days when you are still a kid eating ice cream in the park. Who says retro and ice cream will not fit? Check them out.

3. One and All

One and All

Just check out their website and you will see an overflow of maximalism. Contrasting colors, Big fonts, and animation behind the content, you will all see on the website. Maximalism might not be for everyone, but it is the trend and you might want to use it for your next design reference.

4. Next Rembrandt

Next Rembrandt

This website is a collaboration of big companies like ING and Microsoft. You can see how storytelling takes place and how the typography impacts the overall design.

5. Creative Bananas

Website Stand Out. Creative Bananas

Hey, we are proud of our work! You can see on our website that we have applied a bit of everything from maximalism, to typography, and storytelling. We like to show you that our designs are up to trend and would always showcase your brand.

Lastly, Web designing is important for you and you need to get professionals to help you with it. Your website is your biggest business tool in 2020, and you have to pay more attention to it as it will determine whether you will get more conversions than your competitors.

Do you want your website to stand out? You can always have a free consultation with us.

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