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We make sure that every web design we make is authentic and serves your purpose. We don’t just pick a template a plaster your content. All designs we do are unique to your needs, and your mission.



About 50-60% of web search was done on phones in 2022 alone. That speaks for itself on how it should matter on your website. That’s why, we at Creative ensure that your website looks great on any platform. Whether it’s on desktop, phone, tablet, or even Tablet


SEO Optimized

You don’t want a website that looks cool, but has never been found! Our web designers are well aware of how important search engine optimization is. For this, we make sure to use the right navigation structure, correct tags, optimized images, correct text sizes, and adhere to Google and other search platform guidelines in terms of designing a website.

Ux First

UX First Design

Just as we want to make a website searchable, we want to retain its users and a part of it is to make sure that your website is easy to navigate. We make sure that all pages of your website have users in mind when we design it. 
We’ll design every page of your website to be both accessible and encourage interaction from its users. This helps convert users into potential customers.

Custom Service enhanced

Why Choose Creative Bananas

We’ll make the best web design possible that fits your brand and meet your needs. As we aim to be the best web designers in the Philippines and the world, we’re continuously improving and evolving even as you are reading this now.

Our team is composed of highly skilled designers with combined 20+ years of experience in web design and development industry.

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