Importance and Types of Logo Design

Importance and Types of Logo Design

Why do we use Logos and why Logo Design is Important?

The purpose and the importance of a logo are to give a visual representation of your company brand. Also, consider the Logo as the initial introduction or impression of a business. Another purpose is to promote the business professionally in the market. Therefore, your logo design should be unique, give high impact, be eye-catchy and leave a remarkable impression. Furthermore, logo with meaning and purpose makes a positive impression on your clients, prospects, colleagues, and community, and is a vehicle to bring your employees together.

Here are 5 basic types of Logo

  1. Symbol or Icon – Symbol and Icon in an abstract image represent the company or organization. It’s easier to remember symbolic and iconic logo than a complex one. You’ll recognize that there are big companies like Apple, Nike & Shell that uses symbol logo. Iconic Logo
  2. Word Mark – These are the logos that spell out the brand name of the company. Therefore, custom fonts are used to create this kind of logo. Some examples include Google, Facebook & Coca-cola.Word Mark
  3. Letter Mark – Letter mark is a typography of the initials of the company name. Therefore, most companies that have long names use this kind of logo. Some companies that use letter marks include HP, HBO, and Warner Bros.Letter Mark
  4. Combination Mark – The word itself explains this type of logo.  This is a combination of symbol/icon logo together with its name. You might recognize some combination marks like Adidas, Jaguar & Puma.Combination Logo
  5. Emblem – This kind of logo encases the company name within the design. Some companies that use this logo are Starbucks, Master Card & UPS.Emblem Logo

Make your Logo Efficient

A successful logo design will be effective in conveying your brand message and image. While it helps in attracting potential customers and clients to the business. The logo is as important to the business as the business name. Your logo design should serve the purpose of supporting your business products and services you provide. Above all, it is important to give the proper amount of thought into the design of your logo. Experts ought to guarantee your logo to be effective and high-quality.

Be Satisfied with your Logo Design

In a very short period of time, I have established a rapport with most of my clients because I can say that they are satisfied with the services We provide them. As a result, We’re very eager to preserve the work that we have started and determined to add more clients to be satisfied as well.

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