Image and State is a company that provides great headshots for LinkedIn. They help professionals make a statement with their profile headshot. We, Creative Bananas, helped them design and develop a website that’ll fit their clean and minimalist brand.


Image and State requires a website that can be accessed on different devices. A design that will match their colors will help to build their brand. They will also write and publish articles from time to time.


The Logo of Image and State is minimal and monotone, so we patterned the design with it. Then we used monotone and flat elements all over the site. Also, the use of CMS(Content Management System) is ideal since they need control over the content to write articles.
Image state Logo
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Who doesn’t want a great headshot?

Matthew Hunt, co-founder of Image and State, introduced the idea to us. He shared his ideas on how he want to proceed with the project. Since he is also a tech savvy, he wants full control over the website after delivery. A month after we talk about the project, we successfully completed and delivered, and it surely satisfied the client.

Design Solution

Adobe Creative Suite

After we brainstormed about the layout and sitemap, we proceeded on designing the whole Interface in Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop for photo enhancement. We also designed a few element that we can use site wide.

Developed with best practices

WordPress FTW!, Thrive Architecture

We used WordPress, not only because it is the most popular CMS(Content Management System) but because it is also user friendly. As the client’s theme choice, we used Thrive Architect so they can easily manipulate or edit content even after we check out the project.

Works on all Screen Sizes

Mobile first

Nowadays, mobile is more important than the desktop or any other devices. That’s why we, at Creative Bananas prioritized mobile before anything else. We made sure that the website is fluid so it’ll give its best view in any breakpoints.

Lastly, Screens Of Image And State

About, Blog, FAQs, Portfolio and Others

Here are the few screens that we designed and developed. Finally, Image and State is now fully operational. You can check their website at Do you find this project successful? Let us help you with yours.

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Elron is the bomb! I’ve worked with him on several projects. Talented designer and does what he says he’s gonna do. Hire him if you can as you won’t be disappointed.
Matthew Hunt
CEO, Founder