What You Will Get?

Brand Centric

Brand-Centric Design

We know the value of a brand and how it matters to your business. That’s why we don’t just create the design right away like others do. We will first learn what your business is all about, your brand values and identity, and incorporate those into the design.

This gives us a result that’s unique to you and your brand and resonates with your audience.


Clarity & Purpose Driven

Gone are the days when you just need a design that’s only visually appealing. As tight as the competition today, you need content that is designed in a way that your target audience can easily understand.

Your potential customers have a short attention span, so we need to capitalize on them quickly. What better way to do it than giving something that elicits their curiosity? We believe that these things should be the focus of the designs we make, and that’s our priority when delivering them to you.


Every brand and niche has its own customer type, and your designs should be tailored to them. At Creative Bananas, we make sure to know your target audience first and know what piques their interest. This helps us create a design that your potential customers would love to see and increase their engagement with your brand.

From our typography selection, color schemes, and image choices, all of these consider your target market first to make sure it will fit.



We want to create a design that both you and us could be proud of. And that means, our designs are always unique based on the situation we are in. The graphics we make are carefully crafted based on your brand, your input, and the research we’ve done. 

This ensures that what you get is something authentic and specific to your current needs and the situation you are in. Whether you need a banner, an infographic, social media materials, or a Logo, we’ll take care of that for you!

Custom Service enhanced

Why Choose Creative Bananas

Creative Bananas is one of the leading graphic design agencies in the Philippines. Our team comprises top Filipino graphic designers with a combined 20+ years of experience doing a variety of graphic design works.

With our team, you’ll not only get stunning graphics but also a a reliable partner that you can count on. We like going above and beyond!

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