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Why all of a sudden, I’m into blogging?

We’ll, there are couple of reasons why. Let’s begin with gratefulness!



I’m thankful for all the talents that God has given me. People always ask everything from Him, what they’ll eat and wear, where they’ll live, and even the energy and strength they’ll use to live the day, but usually forget to thank Him for what they received. The main purpose of this blog is to give back to Nature, by sharing some good stuffs, something that might be useful or hopefully, inspirational to others.

The other reason of doing this is the Social Media, Yeah! You read it right. Social media which keeps on wasting our precious time. But how is this connected into blogging? Let’s just say that I’m one of those people that’s been addicted to some sort drugs but instead of some pharmaceutical pill is addicted to what they call “Facebook“.

This blog is my new Rehab center.

Recently, I’ve been posting a lot on Facebook, from what goes out of my mind, the activities in my environment, the places where I’ve been, the food I have eaten, the friends I met, my rants about traffic, and even personal problems that shouldn’t be posted. Social media eventually became my Rant Diary. Facebook nowadays is getting populated with some toxic people, posts, and even friends. In my own view, it shouldn’t be called Social Media instead Unsocial Junkie. It’s supposed to connect us to our Friends, Family and Loved ones but if you’d think twice, it only adds up distance. I’m not a hypocrite to say that I’m never going to use it but instead of burning time on scrolling on Facebook, I decided to spend more time on writing.

Let’s make our 2017 great! Focus more on those things that makes us happy without worrying what other people think or say. P.S– I just read this on my girlfriend’s Facebook status. Hahaha!

So what more? Of course this is not just about being grateful and avoid time burner Social media. Another reason is to get well, not with sickness but getting well on writing. 🙂 I’d like to enhance my grammar and writing skills. Here’s a bit of trivia about me, my Father is a smart man. He’s a top notcher on his school, he likes Math, and he’s a great thinker and the best problem solver I’ve ever known. He loves to write poems. He had written poems to every girl he courted, even when I and my siblings was born, each one of us had our own well written poems. So I think there’s a part in me that loves to write but not as poet as my father. 🙂  I’d like to master all the words I’m writing and saying. I’ve been talking to a lot of clients recently, working as Project Manager, I need to attend virtual meetings. From working as Web Designer/Developer, I’d like to make a transition to work full time on management. Improving my writing will help me a lot on more projects!

Now you know my reasons, how about you? What’s your reason to blog? What does blogging means to you? What are your plans on the rest of 2017?

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