Creating Portfolio is better than a Résumé

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Creating a Portfolio is better than a Résumé

For the past years of submitting proposals on UpWork, we discovered that showcasing a portfolio is far better than claiming a lot of things that you do in your CV or Résumé. Today, we’ll talk about how Creating Portfolio is better than a Résumé.

Don’t get me wrong, some people have a sweet spot for the opposite. Some people have a gift of persuading the clients by just the content of their resume. It is different for every one of us.

For me, instead of wasting my time showcasing my skill by listing it on a CV or Résumé, I tend to gather all the works I’ve done in the past. Gather all the successful projects that I have delivered to a client. Trust me, It’s effective.

In my previous blog, I talked about how to win contracts on UpWork, some of the actual proposals that win a client were those proposals that have a sample portfolio item.

Actual Proposal

Instead of showing all the work in the CV or Résumé, just show the specific item that is most relevant to the job description.

I also mentioned in my previous articles that some of the clients are lazy to read your whole resume. Some of them have no HR to read all the details you put in it. I’m sure, some of your Résumé templates were just copied over the internet. Am I right? HAHA. Don’t worry, I did the same.

How about those who have no background history?

This applies to those people as well. When I started Freelancing, my first goal was to have my website, even I don’t have the actual content to populate it. But at least I can show my client that I can design and build a website from scratch. From then, I created a few sample works so that I can put it on my website as a placeholder for a while. So, don’t make an excuse that you just graduated and you don’t have something to show.

I believe there is a saying that “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

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