How Creative Bananas started

Team Creative Bananas

Let me take you on a ride, when we pass thru these tunnels, you’ll learn about how “Creative Bananas” started. First tunnel: Prologue Year 2012, I started working as a junior designer in a small company, few months after working with them, someone inspired me to try Freelancing. Not only it will be working by […]

Top 10 Professional Fonts for Your Websites

Top 10 Professional Fonts for Your Websites Cover

When it comes to having a professional website, it is proper for you not to check only the colors and the images, you should also consider the font selection. Using the right font will go a long way toward improving your brand perception. Fonts should naturally be one of the main goals of the website […]

COVID-19: How website and social media help business amid this crisis

COVID-19: How website and social media help business amid this crisis

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on businesses and transactions all across the world. The weight of the disease’s impact has been felt both on a large scale economically and across small and medium businesses. There has been a total change in consumer behavior and the way businesses offer their services.  All businesses across the […]

How to make your website stand out in 2020?

Website Stand Out 2020

First of all, every business needs a website at this present time. You need it as a 24/7 office for your customers and as a ready platform for anyone that needs to know about your business. Web designing is important, as you have to make one that is user-friendly and attracts customers. In this article, […]

How natural disasters affect Freelancers?

Taal Cover

How “free” is a freelancer? How do natural disasters affect us? The year 2020 has just kicked off, yet numerous natural disasters have already shocked the world. And it has left us devastated. Bush fires in Australia, a flash flood in Indonesia, along with three volcanic eruptions in the pacific; and there is just no […]

Freelancing is not for you! 5 Reasons why.

Freelancing isnt for you

What I mean is, that it’s not for everybody. I have written a few articles now and I’ve been trying so hard to produce a good one with a catchy title. Clickbait of course! Before you assume anything, let me share my thoughts first. I’m not discouraging anyone from freelancing. I just want to let […]

Creating Portfolio is better than a Résumé

creating profile

Creating a Portfolio is better than a Résumé For the past years of submitting proposals on UpWork, we discovered that showcasing a portfolio is far better than claiming a lot of things that you do in your CV or Résumé. Today, we’ll talk about how Creating Portfolio is better than a Résumé. Don’t get me wrong, […]

Win a project on UpWork. Simple but effective way.

Win A Project Cover

On my previous series of UpWork blog, I shared how UpWork made me a Millionaire and the Skills that are worth Millions. But still, the previous blogs is not enough to land a project with your humble accounts. So today, I’m gonna show you how to pitch and win a Project on UpWork. A simple […]

Are your skills worth millions? Learn Now!

Areyourskills worthmillions

Are your skills worth millions? In my previous blog, I shared how I earned Millions on Freelancing, specifically on UpWork. I received a lot of queries from people asking, how I did do that? On this blog and the following, I will share tips, especially for those who are starting to take freelancing seriously. Yes! […]

UpWork Made me a Millionaire. I’ll teach you how!

UpWork made me a Millionaire Cover

I believe everyone who reads my blog knows UpWork already. But for those who didn’t, let me tell you a little bit about UpWork. UpWork is a freelancing site where you can sign up as a contractor who looks for a job or as a client who posts a job and looks for an agency […]