Are your skills worth millions? Learn Now!

Areyourskills worthmillions

Are your skills worth millions?

In my previous blog, I shared how I earned Millions on Freelancing, specifically on UpWork. I received a lot of queries from people asking, how I did do that? On this blog and the following, I will share tips, especially for those who are starting to take freelancing seriously. Yes! We should take this seriously because it is not easy. IT NEVER WAS. If you are interested, you can subscribe to my newsletter for you to get an update whenever I publish an article that might help your freelancing career. So, we’ll start with the question, “Are your skills worth millions?

UpWork is releasing its platform statistics for its fastest-growing skill every quarter of the year. You can just google the keyword “Skill Index Upwork” and you will get the latest result.

How is skill relevant to making millions on UpWork?

Are you kidding me? Of course, skills are essential since it will define your rate. If the rate is right, you will earn your first million in a short matter of time.

Did you know that these are the top 20 Lucrative Skills for Freelancers?

20 Lucrative Skill

Yes! Those are hourly rates. I’m overwhelmed as well. Those are the rates that we all dreamed of. So if you have those skill sets, you don’t need a year to earn a million pesos.

But since, most of my readers are newbies, these are the jobs that you might consider working or even learning.

There are 2 types of contractors that I consider.

First, there are SPECIALIST

  • Architect ($80-$120)
  • Engineer ($60-$100)
  • Data Analyst ($30-$50)
  • Web Developers ($15-$35)
  • Graphic Designers($10-$30)
  • & More

And there are also GENERAL PEOPLE

without a deep technical skillset but knows how to do a simple typing or those who use a mobile phone on a daily basis.

  • Virtual Assistant($5-$20 or a minimum of P520,000/year)
  • Data Entry/Encoder($5-$10 or a minimum of P520,000/year)
  • Transcriber($5-$20 or a minimum of P520,000/year)
  • App Tester($5-$20 or a minimum of P520,000/year)
  • & More.

You can start with those if you don’t have any tech-savvy skills. These are also applicable for students and those people that are looking for a part-time project. And if you’d like to earn more, you can learn about those by taking up courses that are relevant, attending seminars, or even purchasing online courses. Yes, I recommend taking up courses or seminars that would include payment because it is important that you invest. But if you are resourceful enough, there are free courses or seminars you can look up. You just need to be fussier when it comes to looking up the internet.

FYI, I didn’t finish college and I haven’t paid for a seminar(YET, Because I’m planning to since I’m more interested in the business side of design) my entire career. I was just passionate about my skill and I work my ass off to find the resources I need.


If you are still planning to start your freelancing career, I would suggest that you follow the track of being a Virtual Assistant. The skillset that you will learn from being a VAs will bring you more than just a million. Soon, I will share something about this.

So, are your skills worth millions? You’re the only one that could answer that question!

If you have the right skill, and you still can’t earn enough on UpWork or any other Freelancing site, what might be the problem?

So, In my next blog, I will share some of the previous cover letters that I used to pitch to clients! Stay tuned and let’s earn & learn together.

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