9 Freelancing Tips For Startup Freelancers

Freelancing Tips

I’ve been into freelancing since I was 16 and that was 2011. Some people may think that freelancing is an easy job, but it’s not. It’s a job where you are responsible for everything. From being the CEO of the company down to working on the production. So I wrote down freelancing tips that have been useful to me as a freelancer.

Top Freelancing Sites


There are the several sites like UpWorkElanceFreelancersCraiglist99DesignsPeople Per Hour, and Fivver where you can find work as freelancer. Registering to these sites won’t give you instant cash, but familiarizing yourself on these popular platforms is a good way to start.

In most fields of endeavor there are no easy jobs; there are only graceful ways of performing difficult one. – Lynda Obst

Here are some freelancing tips for those who are interested in this line of work.

1. Courage

First of all, you need courage to do this. I guess, strong courage is what I really have. As I said, it’s not easy to just sit down and stare at your computer all day. I started working with small tasks like coloring sketches, doing portrait vectors, doing logos etc. I earned PHP300-500 for each. This could be your starting rate too but I suggest to base your rate on you skill set.

2. Know your strengths

It is important to know where you’re good at. If you love to design then work on designs, same for the others. When you know your strengths, you must build your skill set. It’s similar to some RPG (role-playing games) that you will build your stats if you’re to be an assassin, swordsman, archer, shaman, etc.

3. Build your Portfolio

It doesn’t mean you need a website to showcase your work. You can use free portfolio sites such as Behance, Deviantart, Dribbble or other platforms where you can post your designs. Try Codepen, Bitbucket, Github, for codes or create your own blog sites on WordPress and Tumblr if you’re into writing.

4. Build a wooden rod

Do not apply for big projects yet. Since you’re still building your portfolio, your rod might not carry big fishes but you can try to work on small projects like cheap logo designs or a one-page website, just a simple project that you can add up to your portfolio. Just remember to ask your client first if they would allow you to include that on your portfolio. Some projects has NDA which you can’t claim yours but some client allows you to showcase it discreetly.

5. Build your network

Talk to people, talk to old colleagues, to your previous managers and supervisors, talk to your college friends, talk to your parents and promote yourself. Even you don’t have a regular client yet, you can let other people know that you can do designs, content writing, development etc.

6. Invest on your rod

When you’re starting to have projects, begin building your assets too. Buy a good computer, apply for a good ISP, and don’t forget to buy a coffee maker and a good bean to brew. Attending seminars that is related with your skill set is also a good investment.

7. Quit a Job

When you are starting to have long-term projects, even if you love the team you’re in, you like your boss very much, or if the job fits nicely, it will still be helpful to quit and look for another. That’s the time where you bargain yourself so you could build a stronger rod. Here’s how to do it: If you currently have $5/hour as a rate you should try to apply for other long-term jobs then bid higher than your current rate. You can do that every year until you finally reach the perfect rate you want. Asking a yearly appraisal is another option if you don’t feel like quitting jobs.

8. Be happy

Just be sure that you’re happy with what you are doing. You don’t need to chase money, just give your best shot, find excellence, love your work, and eventually, money will follow.

9. Relax

Having a break to unwind and wander can be a great help. It doesn’t only give your body enough time to rest but also gives your mind a positive outlook after accomplishing loads of work. Invest on a business that can help you earn a passive income so you could go on local or international trips once in a while.

Note: These freelancing tips aren’t applicable to everyone but some may be. If you think these tips are helpful, please share it to others.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to comment it below. 🙂

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